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For efficient and safe functioning, periodic garage door opener maintenance is required. Because your garage door is normally the largest and heaviest piece of moving equipment in your home, frequent maintenance and testing are very important.

What do Austin Garage Door Specialists offer?

The garage door opener is the most crucial part of your garage door as it helps you open and close the door without exiting your vehicle. Because it is a complex gadget with a heavy work load, it is also prone to damaging. If the remote stops responding or the door does not open or close fully, you have to spend time and money to look into it. Our garage door opener maintenance in Austin can help you avoid the same.

We also offer -

Complete garage door opener inspection

A thorough inspection of your garage door as well as other door hardware is an ideal place to begin your garage door opener maintenance. Look for signs of broken or frayed parts and wear. You can perform some minor maintenance yourself, but professional garage door maintenance is recommended.

Garage door opener lubrication

Springs, hinges, tracks and rollers need to be lubricated regularly. You should use lightweight household oil, white lithium grease or spray silicone to lubricate them – remember to follow the instructions in owner’s manual.

Testing the door balance

You should test the balance of your garage door regularly. Begin with the door closed. Disconnect the auto garage door opener release mechanism so that you can operate your door manually. Your door ought to lift smoothly and with minimal resistance. It should remain open around three to four feet above the ground. If it does not, it is out of balance and need to be adjusted by a professional in Austin.

Force setting test

We test your garage door opener force by holding the bottom of the garage door as it closes. If the door doesn’t reverse easily, the force setting could be excessive and require adjusting other safety devices.

Most garage door opener maintenance can be done with additional safety gadgets such as edge sensors or photo eyes, to protect against entrapment. Ensure that the additional safety gadgets are well installed and maintained.

Other garage door opener problems and solutions

If your opener raises the door but won’t close it, its safety beam sensor might be the problem. It’s misaligned, faulty or unplugged.

If your opener operates through remote control but not through the wall switch, it is a sign of loose connection or a short in the wiring at the switch.

If your remote control doesn’t work, it could be something as simple as dead or weak batteries, dead transmitter or an antenna wire that is not properly exposed.

If your opener is working but the door does not open, the issue could be due to chain-drive sprocket, a worn gear or a broken chain.

If the remote opens the door when it is located 25 feet or less from the opener, its battery could be weak or the signal could be poor.

A straining opener could occur if you activate safety reversing or set the close limit wrongly.

Annual garage door opener maintenance can prevent property damage as well as serious injuries. Careless operation or even allowing kids to use or play with door opener controls are dangerous situations.

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