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Most people are likely to forget garage door weather seal replacement even though they need garage door repairs for other issues. Yet this humble but at the same time significant component of the garage doors is one that should not be ignored as it performs the vital function of maintaining the optimal temperature of the garage door. Also, replacement and maintenance of these parts require specialized application of subject matter knowledge. It is therefore advisable that you hire the services of a professional expert at providing such services. We at Austin Garage Door Specialists are one such provider. We are experts at providing inspection services for garage door weather seal replacement and our experts will also provide consultation services regarding the parts to be replaced and repaired. The most important question however still remains how do our experts go about identifying a garage door seal-related problem and fixing it?

Insect presence

There are various signs that one can look for to identify that the time for garage door replacement seal has come. One of these signs is the presence of insects in the garage. The garage door weather stripping usually provides a foolproof barrier for insects. However, a worn out seal may develop holes and gaps which may provide room for insects to enter. Therefore, when you begin to see more insects than you are used to in your garage, open the garage door, and inspect the garage door seal. Is it damaged? Are there holes in it? Is it worn out? When you determine that the seal is the problem, call Austin Garage Door Specialists to replace it.

Water Presence and Damage

A garage door weather seal when closed should not let in water in any form. The presence of water or signs of water damage is therefore a matter of concern. Do you notice water spots on your garage door every time it rains in Austin? Can you see evidence of long-term water damage in your garage especially near the door? Does water seep through when the ground is wet? If the answer to all these questions is a yes then your garage door weather seal has worn out and needs to be replaced urgently. Try to inspect it for wear and tear or look out for holes on the sides of the garage door. Even when you cannot spot holes, there is a strong possibility that the wear and tear that the door is exposed to on a regular basis could be the cause of water entering the system. When facing such issues it is advisable that you get in contact with a garage door specialist.

Dipping temperatures

Is the temperature inside your garage on a continuous decline even when the garage door is closed? If yes, then in most probability the garage door seal is malfunctioning. You may also notice an increase in your heating costs. It is worth mentioning that you should take special care of your garage door weather stripping in case there is a sudden fluctuation in temperature.

Bits and pieces

A weather seal is bound to worn out in case it is not maintained regularly and properly. So how can you be sure regarding the correct time to replace the seal? The answer is simple look out for the pieces of seal sticking out or bits and pieces of the rubber seal getting scattered on the floor of the garage. These signs should not be ignored and you should contact a garage door specialist immediately.

Garage door seal replacement is, therefore an important activity and should not be overlooked or procrastinated. A malfunctioning garage door bottom seal can be a cause of inconveniences and hassles but our services can fix the problem swiftly and effectively.

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